Music Review: Keydroid – M’Ali ft. Astha Tiku

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Keydroid makes a timeless, fresh soundscape that moves from one ear to the other ear; creating an impactful, vivid trail throughout the brain. There’s an array of vocal parts on his latest single “M’Ali”, an ode to the greatest boxer in history, Muhammad Ali, whose vocal sample at the beginning sets up the stage for a portentous (but musically brazen) tune.

This is reflected abstractly, in the music’s urgency with vocals from singer-songwriter Aastha Tiku. Besides being ambient, the trap/future bass style instrumental is wrought with emotional power, journeying between light and dark, good and evil, hope and despair.

Keydroid, an electronic producer based in Mumbai, India, builds or changes the mood accordingly on the record, making for a rich and fluid listen. He flips the tune on its head and beneath the incessant slew of drums, the song brandishes very volatile synth melodies. But now, the volatility dissolves into a sense of confidence as evident throughout the track.

It quietly communicates the idea of retreat into openness without limitations and discrimination, but also encourages the fight for creativity and for love, because both will forever transcend mental barriers. On its own, “M’Ali” is a spellbinding ambient piece, but as the song approaches the last minute, it intensifies in grace, and becomes a moment of pure beauty in a destructive environment.

Keydroid develops a steady balancing act between programmed drums, ethereal vocals, and a  frequent smear of melodic synths. The song’s nostalgia encompasses the pain, as well as the sweetness, that comes from yearning to win in life. “M’Ali” is quite the dreamy record that evokes more than expected and also shows that Keydroid understands how to warp his audience to hypnotic effect.

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