• Inglan Thomas

KeyDroid’s Upcoming Release is a Banger!

Who is your role model or mentor who do you look up to? San Holo. I feel he is a great blend of mainstream and intricate music production. Being a guitarist myself primarily he opened up a world of possibilities in writing guitar oriented melodies and sounds. When did you decide that you wanted to become an artist? During my Engineering degree 10 years ago, I played as a bass guitarist for several metal bands as a hobby. Post graduation when I landed my first IT job thats when I was sure I want to pursue music full-time. So i quit my job after a year, took a Sound Engineering course and started assisting and working in Bollywood films and TVCs doing Background scores. I did this for around 7 years but most of the music I would compose where limited by clients reference music sent by the clients. I wanted to do something of my own. Thats when I started making music with the stage name KEYDROID.

WHAT ARE SOME OF THE CHALLENGES THAT YOU ARE CURRENTLY FACING OR HAD SO FAR? Building a social media fanbase. Being a introvert it was extremely challenging to attract people to my page. But I am slowly getting used to it and I feel it is indeed a great way to connect and get listeners all over the globe.

What is your definition of success as an artist? It would be when I am constantly collaborating with talented artists globally and writing music without any financial obligations pertaining to the process. What motivates you to keep going We are living in one of the best times where we are connected globally. Therefore the chances to find an audience apt to your type of music is great. This motivates me to do writing tracks without any limitations. What makes you tick? Anticipation of a drop/hook in a song.

WHAT ARE YOUR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES AS AN ARTIST? Strengths : Being patient with my work. I give all my songs the time it needs and do not rush into it. Weakness : I am my biggest critic. So much so that it leads to an insecurity towards my tracks. To cope with that I take my friends and family for a drive and place my songs in my car by renaming the name of the track to some other artist just to get an honest feedback.

What have you done to increase your skill level do you practice every day? Are you going to school what’s your interpretation of school? Recently I acquired an Ableton Push 2. Been practising finger drumming and triggering melodies on it, everyday. Otherwise I always look forward to new sounds, I record vocals and sounds I hear whenever I am travelling and incorporate it in my tracks. No I am not going to school. I am self thought, but I did learn Sound Engineering and recording from a reputed school in Mumbai. It was quite fruitful in understanding the tones and quality in songwriting. Have you started touring yet? If not, what is your dream tour? I haven't yet. I have a set of 10 original songs, I wish to add 4-5 more tracks to it and maybe start touring and gigging next month-end onwards. What a perfect instrument team would you bring? A vocalist and a guitarist. Are you on all popular platforms like Twitter Instagram Facebook YouTube Soundcloud? Yep

What’s platform is driving your traffic? Instagram and Spotify How often do you post on this platform? Twice to thrice a week What content created the snowball effect on that social media platform? A snippet of my track called Ayigiri Nandini, which I am planning to release next month.

What is your favorite social media platform that you’re using? Instagram What is the least favorite social media platform that you have to use? Twitter Would you recommend any new platforms that are trending? Facework. I was invited by them to be one of the content creators just recently. Been loving it.

What is your brand what are you trying to convey with this brand? So most of my songs convey something. For eg., My upcoming track "M'Ali" is a tribute to the legend Muhammad Ali and the lyrics are supposed to inspire and motivate. Apart from this I have other tracks in the pipeline and each one of them talk about depression, sexual harassment against women, etc What type of audience is this brand going to bring in what type of audience are you aiming for? Well my Spotify demographics show a varied age range. It surprised me that audiences right from 18 years to middle-age people upto 45 years have saved my tracks. What type of music videos do you think you will make with this brand? This is interesting as I am in talks with brands to sponsor my music videos. As i mentioned earlier most of my songs talk about inherent issues or emotions so I wish to inspire with my music videos. I already have a music video for a track I released last year called "Phone Sex". The music video is a take on this generations inseparable relationship with phone and technology. How are you increasing your brand awareness? Mostly through social media What do you want to be known for when you take your last breath? An artist who helped/affected positively at least some with his music.

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