Keydroid aka Rakshit Thantry is a Mumbai-based music producer. 

With an experience spanning over 9 years in producing music and jingles for a lot of Indian Films and TV commercials, he was keen on experimenting with new sound which he can call his own. 

Having played bass for metal bands like Halahkuh, Gaijin and Insanity Quotient,

He transcended into the electronic dance music scene back in 2018. Since then he has exceeded the expectations of many.

Devoted to his love for folk music and artists collaborations with unconventional vocal abilities he wishes to break boundaries by merging distinctive soundscapes and instruments.

Channelling influences from legends like Daft Punk, Squarepusher, Prodigy and Tonny Allen, Keydroid brings in a hardcore vibe to his tunes along with a tenuous idea of social consciousness. 

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Rakshit Thantry


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